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Flowtech - Join the 5% club

Flowtech Join The 5% Club
Flowtech Join The 5% Club

Flowtech have joined the 5% Club, meaning we pledge to have graduates and apprentices make up 5% of our workforce. This is part of our commitment to invest in earn and learn opportunities.

We are now members of the 5% Club

We have recently become part of the 5% club – an organisation that encourages businesses across the UK to build 5% of their workforce from those that are in apprenticeship, graduate roles or trainee schemes. We are committed to developing our people and encourage everyone to grow in their career whilst at Flowtech and this is just one example of how we do that. As part of the 5% Club we will be joining over 1,000 UK businesses, who are all committed to increasing the number and quality of opportunities to learn new skills in the workplace. This initiative will ensure we are at the forefront of promoting careers in the industry and ensuring we have the right skills for the future.

We aspire to achieve 5% of our workforce in training positions, including apprenticeships, sponsored students, graduates, placements and formalised trainee schemes. Within our UK part of the business we are very near to achieving this and with our current apprenticeship vacancies and planned T Level placements we will meet the 5% requirement over the next few months.

Membership is part our Early Careers and Environmental, Social and Governance agendas and will benefit us by:-

  • Ensuring a pipeline of new talent into the industry
  • Links with local communities
  • Membership is a formal commitment to training our workforce and the badge can be used for bids and audits
  • It also gives us access to events run by the 5% club where we can keep up to date with the latest skills information and Government initiatives
  • The club is also a sounding board for employers and is a joint force in addressing the Government on learning issues

For more information on the club click on the link