Company News14/12/2022

Building Hose Assembly Skills with the BFPA

Group Shot 2
Group Shot 2

Find out how we've been working with the BFPA to build and develop our team's Hose Assembly Skills.

Over recent months we have been working closely with the BFPA to train and develop our staff's hose assembly skills.

The BFPA's Hose Assembly Skills course is designed to ensure that trainees have a sound theoretical and practical understanding of safe and suitable assembly methods of hydraulic hoses, taking delegates through the many techniques and considerations essential for the safe production of a quality hose assembly and ultimately leading to installation.

In total, over the last few months, 15 members of our staff have received this hose assembly training, ensuring that whenever you need a hose assembly, you can be sure that, with Flowtech, you are in safe hands.

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For more details on the BFPA's training courses. check out their website.