AIRpipe Full Performance Compressed Air Pipe System

A complete high quality ring main solution, combining flexibility with efficiency for quick and easy installations.

Core benefits of the range include:

Extensive range of corrosion resistant piping

  • 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 67mm, 80mm, 84mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm diameter pipe sizes
  • 3m and 6m lengths
  • sold as single lengths
  • blue or grey for easy identification

Quick & Easy to Install

  • No detailed technical training required
  • Quick assembly; no welding, gluing or crimping needed
  • The pipe and the joints can be assembled quickly without any preparation
  • Lightweight, easy to cut pipes: easy to handle on site

Flexible Solution

  • AIRpipe fittings can be disconnected and reused
  • Quick drops can be added at any time, adapting to changes in the production line
  • As the connections are made from the side, the risk of condensate waste is eradicated
  • High quality Terminal Wall Connector complete with manual drain and twin outlet connection
  • AIRpipe’s extensive range of pipe and fittings enables a bespoke compressed air system to be built which can meet specific production needs

Durable & Resistant: Low Pressure Drop

  • High quality, smooth inner surface will never rust. It ensures a constant flow of clean compressed air and guarantees safety at the point of use
  • The high performance ‘O’ ring system ensures a leak free seal
  • Low friction inner surface eliminates airflow restriction, reducing the pressure drop and saving energy
  • AIRpipe is corrosion, vibration and heat resistant; the air quality is preserved throughout the whole system up to the point of use, protecting the downstream equipment and the manufacturing process

Seamless Compatibility

  • AIRpipe can connect seamlessly to the female thread, male thread and flange joints
  • Total flux design on the valve allows quick installation and saves energy


  • An overstock facility for all AIRpipe orders over £1000 is available (up to 10% of order value), any products must be returned in original unused condition
  • Free professional air system design service supplied within 48 hours, which includes calculated pressure drops and a detailed list of pipes and fittings
  • Free sample kits available on request

For a free no obligation quotation, or for further information, please contact your Account Manager.