Air Trap

Air Trap Zero Air Loss Auto Drains

Air Trap zero air loss auto drains discharge condensation, preventing air loss and saving energy.  The innovative design ensures money saving as absolutely no compressed air is lost during discharge. There are no costly diaphragm replacements and the full bore discharge ensures there are fewer blockages.

• The diameter of the discharge channel inside the ball valve is 13mm maximising discharge of particles

• Energy saving – no air loss

• Efficient – maximum drain volume with simple design for easy operation, long life span and no diaphragm replacements

• Reliable – no loose parts inside the tank which reduces breakdown rate and ensures easier maintenance

• Safety – automatically switches to remote monitor

• Contaminants including iron filings can be discharged easily, negating the need for a pre-filter

• Easy to use

• Prevents dust and water

• Manually discharges impurities

• Safe and reliable – remote monitor

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